Friday, May 21, 2010

Tiger Bachao (Save the Tiger)

Jabalpur, which is surrounded by the most popular and famous TIGER RESERVES in the country
Not more than a decade ago, Tigers could be easily spotted on the way to the Dumna Airport, Jabalpur. But the development, construction and opening of numerous colleges here has led to the fading away of the stripes, and the animals are forced to a few square kilometer FENCED JUNGLE. The pakki sadak

When the news channels and newspapers reported that the last living Male Tiger in Panna has moved in to some nearby jungle in search of a soul mate, I had an intuition that there was no tiger left in Panna. Then came the relocation process, Tigresses from Bandhavgarh and Kanha were airlifted and Tran located to Panna. They were radio collared and were followed for a few weeks. And since the last week, the radio collars are not answering. Both the tigresses of Panna are now missing. The Panna’s forest officials have been boasting about the Tiger number being 30, five years back. NOT EVEN A SINGLE TIGER IS PRESENT IN PANNA TODAY. The report sent to the Chief Minister of the State clearly confirms the inability of the staff at Panna. If we are to believe that Forest people, then Panna has lost over 30 Tigers in the last five years. Panna has even lost the two BORROWED Tigresses. The sweep was the last alarm for Panna. Does it have any hope now.. ?? clearly tells the story of the diminishing pugmarks. Everyone here has a story to tell about the tiger, but no one has seen him since years. The King is gone………… Where.. ??

This is not the story of only one park in our country. Everywhere it’s the same. A Tiger goes missing, the local forest officials report the matter and send their report about the missing tiger, the govt. constitutes a team for the investigation, Investigations are held, but none of the poachers are arrested or no staff is penalized or punished for the lazy behavior.

Stories about the Tigers being electrocuted, shot and even poisoned are very common these days. And that does not even make a difference to the general public today. We have our own lives and we are busy fighting for our own needs. Nobody cares for the national animal. The decline in the number is so swift that in and around the next decade we shall be forced to choose a new national animal for the country. Tiger would then appear in magazines, postcards, stamp, documentaries and pictures. We are killing ourselves……..




  1. Tiger can be saved and it it is proved in few tiger reserves, where honest and responsible officers were placed. The very important aspect is Awareness among the people. Electronic media can also play a good role in this, however they won't get TRP for such things.
    To conclude, honest Bureaucrats and Tigers, both are in danger in India!

  2. What india needs is people like Kevin v=yKvlBjY3pXk

    People who love animals
    not beaurocrats who love green paper