Friday, May 14, 2010

Indian Medicine - Umm…No Words!! :-) hehe

The following is just a random discovery!! It is not intended to hurt anybody. If you understand…good for you…if you don’t even better :P :P
I have spent an entire afternoon laughing my ass out on this! u better ROFL :P :D
Have fun!!

P.S: hehehehe...say whatever!!
It was discovered on my friend’s scooter on the seat (What marketing strategies!?!! :O ) …and another evil (chhheee cheee) friend of mine picked up one, lying on the bike adjacent to their’s, for her self!! I can imagine their ride back home…hahahhehehehohohoo
P.P.S: Check out the address…No, I’m not letting anybody know where it is…I have publicized it enough :P

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