Friday, May 14, 2010

English, please?

Lady no intry
Why would you even think of intering here, lady? Keep away.

Beware of people playing dominos.

Don't fall down
But it looks so fun. And whenever you tell me not to do something, I feel the urge to do it right away. Oof!

Be careful of your feet!
The visual is enough to ensure I watch where I'm walking.

Department of propaganda for prevent fire
It seems as though this governmental department has a lot of responsibilities.

Please pay more attention to the grass flowers and lives
A very good thought indeed. Grass, flowers and lives deserve far more attention than they currently receive

Local thinking
Please keep your foreign thoughts to yourself in the presence of this sign. Thank you kindly.

Protecting environment loving grass flowers and trees
Well said. I love grass quite a bit, so am happy to oblige.

Step-way of mounting the Great wall
Quite the man-made wonder to mount, but more power to you for trying

Wheelchair and torso access only
No comment.

$10 no delicious no pay massage
I'm afraid to ask .

No ladies allowed in this building
We don't want your ladies in here, thank you very much

The relative-and-friend entourages
I tend to leave the old peoples at home when I rock up to a bridge with my family and friend entourages

No picking flowers, breaking branches, no poaching
Drat. My first impulse when entering a public park is generally 'what can I poach?', but today I shall have to restrain myself.

Relic protected, no scratch
But I have this itch that's driving me up the wall!

Don't push the bells
They might just take the mind to push back!

Screw ...
Imagine my surprise when an ancient Chinese woman and her grandchildren piled out of this car in downtown Beijing.

Which way?
Options for wheelchair-bound travelers abound!

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