Friday, May 21, 2010

Kahan Gaye Tiger ?

Today, I posted my second entry on saving the tiger "Tiger Bachao via social networking". The Tiger count in the country was estimated about 3500-5000 (Approx). But after the 2007 Census, a mere 1500 wild cats roam free in India.. 1411 to be more precise..

Every one had a different view on people involved in Poaching. Some felt it is the correct punishment but some on the other hand felt that poachers should be fed to the Tigers .

Tiger Poachers
Tiger Poachers 
I personally feel that people involved in poaching should be hanged. But sometime, I feel that Tigers should also be given a chance to deal with these killers the way they want. Not just feeding them but throwing them to hungry predators. But I know this is next to impossible. According to the official figures the population rose from 3508 in 1997 to 3642 in 2002. But in 2008 there is a fall of 60%. The figures of 2007 shows that only 1411 Tigers are left in the country known as the "The Land of Tigers".

There are several methods for Tiger Census "Prey Density Estimation", radio telemetry, digital photography of pugs, camera trapping method, Identification using DNA from Tiger droppings and the very famous "Pugmark Method". Camera trapping method is not practical especially where there are 1 or 2 Tigers per 100 sq. kms. This method was confined to a few major tiger habitats. The final fiure was an outcome of the new and advanced techniques used in 2007 cencus.

Encroachment by humans in their natural habitat and Poaching are the prime reasons for the fall. Relocation and Resettlement is only done on papers and is never taken seriously.
How long are we going to remember these figures? It is quite possible that some might think about this issue after the next census. Wouldn’t it be a little too late? A decline of 60% in a decade makes the picture very clear. There is still hope if saving tigers is taken as a priority.

The World would not be as Beautiful as it is, Without Tigers…. !!!!

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