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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Staying Mosquito Free While Traveling

The last thing that any traveler needs is to be plagued by mosquitoes throughout their journey. Just as there are sure-fire ways to reduce the incidence of these pests in the home environment, definite steps can be taken to stave them off when you’re away from the home front. This is especially important in a society that’s been afflicted by the variety of diseases that are commonly carried among the mosquito population.

Just as that which is red is known to enrage and attract a bull, dark clothing will invite mosquitoes. Avoid the tendency to wear garments that are darker in color or shade, if you’re interested in keeping mosquitoes at bay. In addition, scents such as colognes, perfumes and after-shave also provide an invitation to these pesky insects.

Air-Conditioned environments are not conducive to providing the type of scenario that mosquitoes prefer. Whenever possible, stay indoors in a climate-controlled area so that you’ll remove the possibility of mosquitoes becoming a nuisance. You may still find the occasional errant mosquito, but will typically be safe in the air-conditioning. This is true for both the daytime and nighttime hours.

If at all possible, try to avoid participating in outdoor activities at night. After the sun goes down, the atmosphere is ripe with mosquitoes, and the possibility of being bitten is increased significantly – especially if there happens to be a body of exposed water nearby, since this is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

When the need to go outdoors in the evening can’t be avoided, be sure to wear appropriate clothing that will discourage mosquitoes. Covering the arms and legs is always a good idea, since they tend to gravitate toward human extremities – particularly the legs, ankles and feet. Long-sleeved shirts, full-length pants and closed shoes are your best choices.

For those who prefer to spend time in an enclosed screened area – such as a screened porch – mosquitoes may be able to gain access to the room through holes in the screens or other areas which aren’t sealed. In the event that this happens, and the room is screened, you can apply pesticide to the interior of the room. Don’t make the mistake of doing this if the room isn’t properly ventilated by screens, though, or you may be overcome by the effects of the spray, as well.

If you’re sleeping outdoors (such as in a camping scenario), or need to open a window that doesn’t contain a screen when you’re sleeping each night, be sure to use mosquito nets that are designed to cover the bed area. Not only are you more vulnerable to bites when asleep – due to the inability to protect yourself and the fact that mosquitoes are out in force at night – but it only takes one bite to become infected by one of the many diseases that these pests can carry.

Insect repellants are always a good idea, and can even help to reduce the incidents of mosquito bites when indoors. There are a number of effective repellants on the market today which are easy to apply and non-greasy. This should be applied to all exposed areas, with the exception of those that are in the immediate vicinity of the facial features, and is effective when used on both adults and children.

Fighting mosquitoes doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive or troublesome. With just a bit of effort, you can ensure that you and your loved ones are basically mosquito-free.