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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bottled Water : STOP! Don’t Drink The Water!!

I had my eyes pried wide open tonight!  While searching for something to watch, I came across a documentary called Tapped.  The description was enough to make me want to at least start watching it and give it a chance.  Through the process of watching the documentary and doing a little more research, I am convinced that I’m done with my water bottle addiction.  Until now, like so many others, I’ve thought it safer and healthier to drink bottled water, particularly Arrowhead.  Of course when I was in a pinch I would grab a Dasani or Aquafina, but not anymore.

Take a look at just these few bits of information and then watch the documentary for yourself, do some homework and then tell me why anyone should ever buy another bottle of water again:

  • The average price mark up for a bottle of water is 1900%
  • After all processing, bottling and shipping costs, your water costs the manufacturer $.06 – $.09 on average.
  • The plastic your water bottle is made of leaks cancer causing chemicals each passing day that it’s stored in the bottle and the amount leaked increases if the bottle is exposed to heat at any point in time (during shipping, in the store’s warehouse, in your trunk)
  • Municipal water (tap water) is tested upwards of 300 times a day for contaminates and biological hazards (bacteria), and that is reported to government offices daily and typically posted on the internet for you to review. Bottled water companies are not required to report to anyone, not even the FDA, and typically only test their water once a week or once a month depending on the company.
  • Most of your bottled water is simply filtered tap water from the local municipal source.  The filtration process is not as good as you can do at home.  Nestle, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and others are taking your groundwater away from you during times of drought when you are being placed under tight restrictions and financial fines, then selling that water back to you for a ridiculous profit, all while polluting your body and mother earth during the manufacturing of the bottles and bottling of that water.
  • More than 50% of water bottles never make it to a recycling center.  That means that billions of non-biodegradable water bottles are making it to landfills, lakes, rivers, streams, etc. each year!

This is only the beginning.  The documentary is available on Netflix on Demand (which means you can watch it on your computer, Wii, Xbox, etc.), but I guarantee you that I will be purchasing a copy so I can show it to others that I care about to help spread the word.  It’s time to make a change.  No more bottled water.  It’s bad for us and it’s bad for our environment and it’s costing us more than a necessity should.  Water is a necessity of life, not a commodity.  Don’t let them fool you.