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Sunday, April 22, 2012

What is Freedom?

For a kid, Freedom may mean ‘freedom to eat chocolates and ice creams anytime’.

Freedom, for a student, may mean ‘freedom from tests and exams’.

Freedom, for a working person, may mean ‘freedom from working late’.

For a sick person, Freedom may mean ‘freedom from illness’.

For a girl, Freedom may mean ‘freedom from eveteasing guys’.

For a guy, Freedom may mean ‘freedom to smile at any beautiful girl’.

Freedom for a home-maker may mean ‘freedom from routine household chores’.

Freedom for a labourer may mean ‘freedom from exhaustive work’.

For a beggar, Freedom may mean ‘freedom from begging’.

Freedom for those who party may mean ‘freedom to go pub hopping after 12 in the midnight’.

For a filmstar or cricketer (or a shooter who has won an Olympic gold), Freedom may mean ‘freedom to walk on the street like any of us and eat Chaats from the roadside gaadi‘.

Of course these are all just guesses. The answer can vary from person to person.

Radio, TV, online forums all ask this one question a week before the independence day: What does ‘true freedom’ mean to you?

I honestly don’t know what ‘true freedom’ means. Can you help me, please?