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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Temples of North India

India’s contribution to the spiritual sphere of modern world is unique. From Vedic age, all that is pure and sublime in Nature’s creation have been objects of worship for the Indian. Our history of ancient tradition and culture interwoven in temple worship and pilgrimage. The lofty Himalayas, the sacred Ganga, the holy Cauvery, the crystal – like gangotri  have all been his cherished pilgrim spots.
India has rich cultural and historical heritage well preserved in its temple architecture and pilgrim sites. There are thousand of shrines, worship places and temples in North India dating back to hundreds of years. Many theories have been formulated to explain the existence of these holy sites in such a huge number, paving the path to attain salvation or “nirvana”. The statuary and adornment in these ancient temples of North India showcases one of the world’s foremost artistic heritages and also of the North India pilgrimage
This pilgrim-friendly guide focuses on the many important holy shrines that these northern states, providing in a nutshell the significance of each of these places and the interesting legends associated with them. In order to minimize the travel hardships of the pilgrims, a sincere attempt has been made to arrange places according to their proximity to important towns and cities.
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