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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

चोखी ढाणी - Chokhi Dhani - Attractions in Jaipur Rajasthan

Chokhi Dhani has been touted as a must see location in Jaipur and I agree after the visit there this Monday. It is best enjoyed with family and friends. It is a typical village setting with everything except farming thrown in.

Chokhi Dhani Enterance
It is very colourful as Rajasthan is.The variety starts from the check in counter. All the employees are in traditional gear. So are the various performers in the premises. There are low buildings with thatched roof, tiled roof and mud roof. There are several stages for 
Halwai boiling milk at Chokhi Dhani
Kathputli Dance
performers spread across the campus. We watched three sets of traditional Rajasthani dancers performing to the tunes of traditional music. Every now and then, the visitors can join the dancers for a few minutes.

There are magicians and a puppet show to keep one and all amused. 

One can ride a camel. There are camel, horse and bullock carts adding to the variety.Elephant ride catches the fancy of the young and the old. Jaipur is a dusty place and the path taken by various animals and carts have been doused with water to reduce the dust pollution.

The rides are very reasonably priced. There is no extra charge for cameras. This is a welcome exception as the camera charges elsewhere in travel destinations in Jaipur and other towns in Rajasthan is several times the entry fee. At Chokhi Dhani the entry fee is for the sumptuous dinner.
Traditional Rajasthani Food
Woman dancing
One as a choice of sitting under a roof or open space for dinner. It is out and out Rajasthani cuisine and one can hog as much as one wants.The food is served by well trained employees who do not allow one's plate to go clean until one gets up.

A visit to Chokhi Dhani while at Jaipur is a must to get a complete flavour of Rajasthan. 

CHOKHI DHANI is around 25 Km from Jaipur. Entry ticket costs 275/- per person & 150/- per child between 3 to 9 yrs in Chokhi Dhani. Chokhi dhani is a ethnic village setup with people skilled in different things. There are dancers, magicians, astrologers, puppet shows, Bailgari, Camel/Hathi savari, Jhoola & a lot of stalls with different entertainment games like Nishanebaazi, local version of Bowling etc
Massage at Chokhi Dhani