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Monday, May 24, 2010

Process involved to hire Foreign domestic worker(FDW) e.g maid in Singapore

 Information on the paperwork and process involved to hire Foreign domestic Worker in Singapore
(Example worker: Maid/Servant etc)
1.  Take FDW Employer's orientation online click here  . Don't forget to print certificate. You will need Singpass to login

2.  Apply online for FDW work permit >> WP online

3.  Upon approval, print documents (including In Principle Approval)

4.  Obtain accident insurance plus security bond from NTUC (no need to go to NTUC, just give them a call and apply through phone),

5.  You'll receive a letter from MOM >> Notification to bring FDW to Singapore (this is the one you need to present to immigration when you pick-up your FDW at the airport)

6.  Before your FDW comes to Singapore, book her for the Safety Awareness Course and Entry Test (get the form from
) - better to send the form through fax rather than book online…This exam should be taken not more than 3 days after arriving in Singapore.

7.  Then upon FDWs entry to Singapore, she should go to Tanjong Pagar Complex (Work Pass Division) for the course and entry test (she should bring her passport, HS diploma and in principle approval)

8.  Upon passing the entry test, she can go for Medical Exam and Xray (there's a one stop clinic at Tanjong Pagar Complex ). Result will be ready the next day

9.  Upon collection of medical report, you need to request for issuance of Work Permit from WP online  ( By afternoon you should see it as approved for issuance. You will be prompted to
print the letter online,

10.  Go to Tanjong Pagar complex to bring the documents required for verification. Then your FDW can collect the work permit after 4 working days at Tanjong Pagar complex still