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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Indian Street Games - Bachpan ke khel

Sports today is an integral part of the all round development of the human personality. India offers different adventures sports like khusti a traditional sports most popular in north India. Hockey The national game, in which India has an impressive record with eight Olympic gold medals. Cricket is the beating heart of sports in India, but there are some other games which was played by every person in his childhood. These local games are very popular in India.Enjoy some of the best adventure sports in India.

Gilli – Danda: It is a sport played by using two stick, Small one known as Gilli and other long one is called Danda. This is very popular game among boys in villages ofIndia. It is similar to cricket just replace the gilli by ball. The danda is used to hit the gilli and make it fly through the air.

Kite Flying: kite flying is the most popular game of India as well in Asia. Kites are also known as patang is India. The line used is called Manjha, a glass coated line, and each flier attempts to cut every other kite out of the sky. The kite flying festival is celebrated on the eve of Makar Shankranti in Gujrat state of India.
Satoliya: This game is very popular among boys and girls, It is a simple and inexpensive game, It need 7 small flat stones, every stone size should be less than the other stone. Put these stones over another in decreasing order its looks like a small tower then hit it by cloths made hand ball form a fixed distance. Any number of people can play it. This game is also known as Pithoo in some region of India.

Kancha: It is very famous as gully sports or street game, played by number of small boys in villages as well as in town. It is played using marbles called Kancha. The winner take all Kancha’s of other boys.

Lattu: The street game of India, This is a very popular and simple game which can be played by children in villages of India. The game involves spinning a lattu – a solid turnip shaped wooden toy with a grooved lower half with two nails dug at the top and the bottom. A cotton string is wrapped around the lower half of the lattu to make it spin.